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Joss redet hier mit der wunderbaren Mo Ryan über die Probleme, die Dollhouse hatte, die kommenden Folgen, und seine Zukunft danach. Eines der ausführlichsten und besten Joss-Interviews der letzten Zeit:

What’s interesting about it is there. I don’t feel like there is some unfulfilled thing that would be well served by [continuing the story]. If I make a Web series it’s not going to be owned by Fox. Let’s be very clear on that one. Or [owned by any studio or network] -- that's not a dis on Fox. But I’ll make [a Web series] of my own and I don’t think Eliza is dying to jump onto the tiny screen right now. And it doesn’t work as a comic [because it's] just people talking.

I’m not going to go and try and make a movie out of it because I’ve already made a movie where I had to explain who ten people who already know each other are. It was exhausting. So I think that we’ll just we’ll say, "Here is our best effort," go out with a bang and then we will move on. I think what we will end up having done is sort of this very glorious 26-hour miniseries.

Und Alexis Denisof hat auch einiges zu sagen:

I think that the undercurrent that you're talking about in "Buffy" and again in "Angel" is present in "Dollhouse" ... it's maybe Joss' attempt to struggle with the confusing and complicated and darker issues that sometimes give us all sleepless nights. It would be nice if morality were black and white, and sexuality were black and white, and right and wrong were clear as day and night, but they're simply not. Anybody who believes and experiences their life and doesn't have shades of gray in it doesn't live where I live and is simply not in touch with the reality of the human condition.

In the struggle, there's beauty in art music and poetry and engineering that mankind has come up with to cope with these things. The show and the dollhouse may just strip bare some of the darker themes that exist in the world, and he's writing to a different audience than 'Buffy." His audience is maturing and Joss is wise to allow his writing to.

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